The Artist

G. Joe, the Artist

From early days in an earthen

house on the Dakota prairie, to

log cabin homesteading deep in

the Rocky Mountains, to a seven year exploration of the Amish-Mennonite faith, the artist G. Joe

has lived the off-the-beaten-path adventure that many dream of.  A life of creativity, of simplicity, and of quietness.

All along, he has documented

this life through painting and printmaking. Authenticity and sincerity mark his art as well

as his life. Work is produced

by old-world methods, like

a several-ton collection of

cast iron 19th century printing presses.   

Over the years, G. Joe has noticed a longing and appreciation in society for a simpler, richer way of living. Many have expressed a fascination with the way he creates and illuminates his world, in the tradition of those like Henry Thoreau or Andrew Wyeth who share everyday life as a thing of beauty. This online journal is a way of sharing life in this same spirit, with faithful collectors and new friends alike.

Today, G. Joe lives in a fantastical and beautiful hand built house in rural Ohio with his wife and their collection of pets. They consort with artists and vagrants, create whimsical walking sticks, tend their garden of strawberries and sweet corn, and visit their daughters in New York City and northeast Ohio.

Welcome to G. Joe’s Woodcut Journal

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